Rock Creek Camping Information

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Rock Creek has some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the Eastern Sierra.  There are 13 USFS campgrounds in Rock Creek Canyon with over 300 campsites.  Most of the sites are tucked away under juniper, pinyon, jeffrey pine, lodgepole pine or aspen trees.  Except for Holiday Campground, the campgrounds in Rock Creek Canyon are located near the creek and the lake.  Nearly all of the sites are provided with a metal fire ring, picnic table, bear box for food storage, space to park two vehicles, and a good deal of seclusion and serenity.  A dump station is also present at the bottom of the canyon across from French Camp for your convenience.  Sites cost $20 per night.

Each campground is equipped with cold water faucets, and all have flush toilets, except for Upper Pine Grove and Tuff which have clean chemical toilets.  Most campgrounds in Rock Creek Canyon are not reservable.  However certain sites in East Fork, French Camp, and Tuff can be reserved.  Two campgrounds require reservations: Aspen and Rock Creek Lake group camps.  To reserve a campsite, please click one of the campgrounds in the "Reserve a Campsite" box to the right.

A couple of companies rent trailers and will set them up for you in any of the campgrounds in Rock Creek.  Check these trailer rental companies out...

The campgrounds are run by Recreation Resource Management, not Rock Creek Lakes Resort or another business in Rock Creek.  Please contact RRM for questions regarding camping.  You can also get the latest camping information on the campgrounds' Facebook page.

East Fork Campground

Bears have been a part of the camping experience in Rock Creek for many years now, but it has now been several years since they were a problem.  California Black Bears, the only species of bear that lives in California, thrive in the Eastern Sierra, often preying on lazy campers that leave their food, coolers, and other items littered about their campsite.

The problems with bears that Rock Creek has had in the past were really HUMAN problems, and they have largely been eradicated as a result of an aggressive education program on the part of the campground managers, as well as effective bear-proofing of the campgrounds.  All campgrounds now have bear-proof dumpsters, and, except for a minimal number of sites with difficult access, every campsite in the canyon has a bear box for food storage.

Remember, Rock Creek is the bears' home, not ours.  Let's do our part by using the bear boxes and storing our food correctly.  Contact the campground managers about any concerns you may have.


Reserve a Campsite

The following links take you to the Reserve America website, from which you can reserve campsites in Rock Creek.  You can also make campsite reservations by phone.  Call 1-877-444-6777 to make a reservation or click one of the links below.  No other campgrounds in Rock Creek have sites that are reservable.